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The Crévoux valley, the mountain, original version

In the heart of the Parpaillon massif, Crévoux has retained the charm of a simple mountain village. Its inhabitants have managed to preserve their wilderness and tranquility without giving in to the siren calls of mass tourism. Crévoux is one of the oldest ski resorts in the Alps, having welcomed tourists and skiers since 1937.

Today, the Crévoux valley draws its assets from its authenticity and its attachment to its history. Here you'll discover a haven of peace and tranquillity. A natural interlude, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life...

Crévoux by night B&W

A valley of terroir

Agriculture is still very much alive in the Crévoux valley, and that's what makes it such a rich terroir. A number of cattle and sheep farms keep the mountains alive and well in summer. Organic cheeses made from local milk can be found on the market or on your plate in the resort's restaurants. You can watch the cows being milked every day at 6 p.m. in the mountain pastures on the Parpaillon trail, or in the cowsheds under the ski resort in winter, and buy milk from the milking process or local cheeses.


A preserved mountain

Perched at an altitude of 1600m and surrounded by peaks flirting with 3000m, Crévoux is the highest village in the Serre-Ponçon region, with just over 130 inhabitants living here year-round. The village comprises 4 hamlets. La Chalp, at the bottom of the valley, is the gateway to a fantastic reservoir of summer hiking trails, and home to one of the largest largest Nordic ski areas in the Southern Alps in winter, with almost 45km of pistes.

When you return from your walks, take the time to stroll through the narrow streets of the hamlet. Push open the door of the chapel to discover its cross, made by a local shepherd from 365 wooden branches. Just behind the chapel is the communal oven. Here you're sure to come across the volunteers from the Amis du Pain association, who offer tours of the hamlet and bread baking in the communal oven on Sundays in summer and winter.

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Crévoux and La Chalp

Le Chef-Lieu is the only one of the 4 hamlets to be located on the ubac, on the left bank of the torrent. In the village square, don't forget to look up to see the bulbous steeple of theSt Marcelin church. Its shape is unique in the region. Built in the 14th century, it bears the name of the first bishop of Embrun, who died in 374. A little further up the valley, a rural museum recounts life in the past.

The Chef-Lieu is where you'll find most of the shops and the downhill ski resort. Inaugurated in 1937, it is the legacy of the era of paid vacations and a social tourism project that has profoundly marked the village's history. Historically dedicated to family skiing, Crévoux has evolved with the times. Today, it also attracts freeride enthusiasts, who find an immense natural playground on the northern slopes of the Ratelle ridges.


Other hamlets in the village of Crévoux

Nestling at the foot of the immense cliffs on the valley's southern slopes, Praveyral was once home to a slate quarry whose slates were reputed to last over 100 years. A number of houses in the valley still bear witness to this. Finally, at the very bottom of the Crévoux valley, Champ Rond is a mysterious enclave, invisible from the road, a refuge for the Fées d'Hivers (winter fairies) who each year prepare the works of art that will line the Fairy Trail. An artistic and poetic walk in the heart of nature, at the bottom of the Plateau de La Chalp.


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