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Adult Young people (ages 5 to 15)


11,50 € 6,00 €


14,50 € 7,50 €
Semaine pass Alpes du Sud


64,00 € 40,00 €
Pedestrian day


3,00 € 3,00 €
Magnetic card (1€)

+ infos : Foyer nordique de Crévoux
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Nordic equipment rental

The Crévoux Nordic center is located at the entrance to the La Chalp ski area. Here you'll find cross-country and skating equipment, snowshoes and sledges, as well as the sale of fees for Nordic activities and advice on how to make the most of the area.

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+ More info and contact details : Foyer nordique de Crévoux



Snowshoeing itineraries are shown on the trail map.

Also departing from the village of Crévoux are the "Bajoulan"," Chargeaux " and "La Muande" itineraries.

No fee is charged for access to the icefall, provided you use the markers provided.

Ski touring departures are not subject to a fee, as long as they comply with the conditions laid down by the Nordic area managers.

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