A family winter in the mountains

Hiver en famille à la montagne
‘‘ When was the last time you listened to the silence of a snowy forest? The wild luxury of the most authentic mountain ... A return to the essential that will do you a world of good !

An authentic mountain village


Rest assured, while Crévoux is most certainly a village nestled at the bottom of a wild valley you will still find all the services you need for your stay : hotel and rentals, restaurants and bars, local artisans and producers, food and tobacco-press.

For the rest, Embrun and its  shops are just 13 km away – and in any case, it’s a must-visit before you start to climb the valley😉!

Once you’ve got all your planning and logistics sorted, all you have to do is enjoy your stay! The advantage of a small ski resort like Crévoux, is that everything is much simpler. Everything can be accessed on foot between the shops and the ski lifts, the terraces of the bars/restaurants and the slopes themselves.

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Two main sites of life and entertainment can be found in Crévoux:

  • The snow front, above the village – here you’ll find the ski lifts, the French Ski School, equipment-rental companies and all the necessary services. In season, the snow front is also equipped with a sledging run that is safe for children and the sunny terraces are never far away for parents seeking a little vitamin D. Ideal for a relaxing family trip.
  • The Nordic centre, in the hamlet of La Chalp – the starting point for cross-country skiing, biathlon or snowshoeing. It’s also an ideal setting for simple family outings or timeless sledging races and snowman building. The great classics of winter in the mountains. The Nordic centre offers equipment rental – and you’ll also find another sunny terrace at La Chalp, to refresh yourself with a drink and a bite to eat.

Alpine or downhill skiing


Crévoux offers athletic and fun Trails to satisfy even the most daring teenagers! If you want to offer your children a good technical foundation,  French Ski School instructors are here to take care of your children with educational and fun methods that cannot be beaten. In fact, through private or group lessons, learning with professionals is the best path towards the joy of skiing.

For beginners, the snow front offers a slightly sloped area and a platter lift suitable for beginners, with a dedicated pass – ideal for your first few outings. Here, again, it is the instructors of French Ski School who can offer the most efficient learning process. Little ones will meet in the Snow Garden, which welcomes children aged 3 to 4 (consult instructors directly).

Finally, the other advantage of the French Ski School (ESF) is that it allows parents to meet, ski and enjoy the incredible playground offered by the Crévoux valley.

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Nordic or cross-country skiing


Experience new pleasures and sensations by learning cross-country skiing!

Accessible from 5 years of age and less expensive than downhill skiing: cross-country skiing is a great opportunity to share a new experience with the family.

The domaine nordique of Crévoux

will also offer up the chance to see the mountain from another angle – a calmer and more natural side – as you move away from La Chalp to find yourself in the middle of the forest or at the edge of the snow-covered torrent.

As with downhill skiing, the monitors will be there  to help you discover this discipline.


We’ve all seen biathlon events on TV – especially since Martin Fourcade’s Olympic successes – so why not give it a try?

Biathlon combines two disciplines: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The rifles are specific to the practice of biathlon, while little ones can have a go with laser rifles.

Accessible for those aged 6 and up, l’ESF will accompany you as you discover this specific discipline, with courses adapted to all levels and the “biathlon team” for those hoping to practice more intensely throughout the season.

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Get your fill of activities !


Snowshoeing is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to experience the snow-capped mountain. With a professionnel or by following the pedestrian paths in the Nordic area, discover nature like you’ve never seen it before! This pace is more conducive to contemplation, allowing you to observe how nature works in winter: animal tracks in the snow, birds, how the vegetation adapts, etc.

dog-sled ride is a truly unique and magical moment – a memory engraved in your mind forever … Remember to book well in advance, as this is a very popular activity.

For sports enthusiasts seeking a little adventure, Crévoux is also an ideal site to practiceski touring and icefall.. Supervision by a professional mountain guide is also essential in order to enjoy these activities fully and safely, made fun and accessible through the development of equipment

To end your stay in style and bring home a little of Crévoux, don’t hesitate to make a stop at la ferme de Samuel. Here, you’ll find a range of delicious organic and country cheeses. Every evening at 6 pm, you can even watch the animals being milked in the barn, located just between the village and the ski resort.

‘‘ We wanted our children to discover the mountain in its most authentic state, not rows of parallel pistes on mountains that look like nothing more than playgrounds as they have been so overworked! The beauty and rustic simplicity of the valley allowed us to come together and experience wonderful family moments: snowshoeing in wild places and discovering cross-country skiing and biathlon, as well as quality alpine skiing. Crévoux was everything we could have wanted !
Adeline Raynaud